Important Information about the Capsule Endoscopy and Preparation

Your physician has determined that as part of your medical evaluation you should undergo a examination known as a Capsule Endoscopy. This procedure involves ingesting a small (the size a calcium pill) Given Imaging M2A Capsule which will pass naturally through your digestive system while taking pictures of the intestine. The images are transmitted to the Sensor Array which is placed on your abdomen. The Sensor Array is attached to a walkman-like Given Data Recorder which saves all the images. It is located in the Recorder Belt, which is worn around your waist. After 8 hours, you will return to the office, and the technician will remove the Recorder Belt. Please do not attempt to do this yourself. The M2A Capsule is disposable and will be excreted naturally. In order for your physician to get the most accurate information for this test, please follow the prep.

  1. After ingesting the M2A Capsule and until it is excreted, you should not be near any source of powerful electromagnetic fields such as one created near a MRI machine.
  2. Capsule Endoscopy's last approximately 8 hours and is considered complete according to your physician's instructions. Do not disconnect the equipment or remove the belt at any time. Since the Data Recorder is actually a small computer, it should be treated with the most care. Avoid sudden movement amd banging of the computer.
  3. During Capsule Endoscopy, you will need to verify every 15 minutes that the small light on top of the Data Recorder is blinking blue, twice per second. If, for some reason it stops call the office.
  4. After the test is complete, and in a few days you did not positively verify the secretion of the M2A Capsule from your body, and you develop unexplained post procedure nausea, abdominal pain or vomiting, contact the office for evaluation and possible X-ray examination.

The day before your capsule endoscopy

You may have a regular breakfast and lunch.

  1. After lunch, start a clear liquid diet. Anything you can see through is considered a clear liquid, including broth, jello, ice pops, flavored water, club soda, gatorade, snapple.(any flavors are fine as long as it is not red in color). Between 4 and 5 o'clock drink 1 bottle of citrate of magnesia (purchased otc at any pharmacy). Drink plenty of liquids after drinking the bottle of citrate of magnesia. After 10 pm do not drink or eat anything except for your medication's which you can take a sip of water.
  2. Do not take any medications 2 hours before the time of the capsule endoscopy.
  3. Male patient's should shave their abdomen 6 inches above and below the navel, also the chest and groin area.

After ingesting the capsule

Time to return to the facility is between 4:15and 4:45PM.